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8 Signs You Need a New Roof

From the blistering heat in the summer months to the harsh winds that come across the Queen City, new roof replacement in Charlotte is something most homeowners need to deal with at one point or another. A good-quality roof can last several decades if well maintained. Yet, if your roof is damaged, putting off a roof replacement is not a good idea. Putting off a roof replacement can expose your home to ongoing damage and countless problems. For example, electrical wiring in your home could be exposed to water if there’s a roof leak.

How do you know when your roof needs to be replaced? The key is to look for significant signs of damage or change to it.

Focus on Your Safety First

It’s never advisable to climb onto your roof to inspect it yourself. Save that for a trained Charlotte roofing service. However, pay close attention to changes in your roof safely from the ground (and not a ladder). It’s also a good idea to schedule an annual inspection of your roof. Doing so can help ensure that a professional can spot problems and provide you with solutions for repairing them right away. That’s going to save you money and keep you safe.

Common Signs You Need Roofing Services 

Take a look at some of the most common signs that you may need a roof replacement in Charlotte.

#1: Shingles Are No Longer Flat

In many older roofs in Charlotte, it’s common for the shingles to start to curl or buckle. When this happens, they are no longer adhered properly to the surface of the roof, but rather have various gaps under and around them. Those gaps create spaces where moisture can get into the structural components of the roof.

It’s easy to notice this. For example, if you look at your roof at various angles walking around the home, you may notice areas of gapping or even shingles that curl upwards significantly. These need repair.

The curling or lack of adhesion like this can happen for various reasons. In some cases, they are not placed properly, which allows wind to get under them. In other cases, the shingles wear down over time, leading to thinning. The heat then will warp them, especially in Charlotte’s intense summer temperatures when humidity is on the increase.

#2: Missing Shingles

As a Charlotte roofing company, we know that one of the most common times for property owners to call us is after a windstorm or significant thunderstorm. The force of the wind is so intense it can easily pull shingles right off the structure, leading to exposed areas and roof storm damage. Shingles must be overlapping, one on top of the other, to create a strong, dry surface. When this does not happen, there’s risk for moisture buildup to occur.

Shingles are more likely to blow off in situations where they are older and thinned. During your roofing inspection, it is possible to prevent early wearing down of the structure by having any loose or missing shingles repaired or replaced. This is far more affordable than a costly roof replacement due to missing shingles.

#3: Damaged, Missing, or Loose Flashing

Flashing material is placed around areas where the shingles come up against other structures. This is common in areas around skylights, vents, chimneys, or other fixtures on the roof. When the flashing is not on properly, it allows moisture to seep into the area, causing a significant amount of damage fast. This is one of the most common causes of mold buildup in attic spaces and ceiling areas around the home.

Flashing becomes damaged for the same reasons that roof shingles do. Over time, the adhesion wears down. If you do not notice this soon enough to repair it, that small amount of water can become a big problem especially when temperatures drop.

A roofing company in Charlotte can help to reduce this risk during your inspection by patching areas of damage and using sealant on them. Sometimes the flashing is too damaged, often due to wind, and needs to be replaced. At that point, it may be beneficial to consider a roof replacement instead. It may cost less and may improve some of the most common problems associated with the property’s roof.

#4: Granules in the Gutters

Another time to consider roof replacement in Charlotte is when you notice a lot of granules in the gutters. Your gutters catch rainwater that is coming off the roof’s surface. That will wash granules from the shingles on the roof into them. With asphalt shingles, those granules are necessary to hold to keep the shingles strong enough to protect the roof. As they wash away, the shingles thin out and, over time, become significantly damaged.

Another common cause of this is poor ventilation in the roof. If your roof does not have proper ventilation, those hot Charlotte days are going to cause the temperatures in the roof to rise significantly higher than what they are outside. That heat causes damage to the shingles themselves and is a common reason why they curl. If you are having your roof replaced, it may be a good time to also turn to a professional for help with adding in more vents. This can prevent problems over time.

You may notice this the most in the gutter system as small, dark grains. It may look like dirt but it is really bits of asphalt coming off the surface of the roof.

This is generally normal in terms of wear and tear. There’s no real way to prevent it from happening either. However, when you see a significant amount present, that means you may benefit from having a roofing company in Charlotte offer some gutter repairs or a replacement for your roof.

#5: Green and Growing

It’s possible for plant materials to grow on your roof’s surface. Moisture, again, is the problem. Moisture gets trapped on the asphalt shingles and the wood under-structure. Over time, that moisture attracts small amounts of growth. This may be mildew in some areas or it can be moss that grows. The thicker it is, the more weight it is adding to the roof. That increases the risk of damage to the roof’s structure.

Look for this to happen in shady areas of the roof. In these areas, the sun does not shine enough to dry off the surface area. This, combined with any type of plant or tree overhang can increase the risks of damage to your roof.

You may be able to have a professional clean this off – and doing so enough will help to prevent damage to the structure over time. However, even just allowing it to grow at a slow pace over time can lead to significant roof damage and the need for Charlotte roofing professionals to replace the roof.

#6: Excessive Granule Loss (i.e. an increased amount of granules at the bottom of your downspouts) 

Many times when asphalt shingles – which are the most commonly used in most areas of Charlotte – are hit with anything, this causes bruising or scaring. It also leads to a higher chance of the edges of the shingles to develop gaps and to come off from the surface of the roof. These bruises and scars lead to the rapid/untimely deterioration of your shingles. When the mat of the shingle is exposed to the elements it deteriorates more quickly. Affects the water-shedding ability of the shingle.

One of the most common reasons for this in the Charlotte area is hail. A big storm can bring hail that is as small as a dime, when it’s this size, other factors (old roof) can cause more severe damage. Quarter size hail is where you start to see damage. When it strikes the roof, especially when it happens over and over again, it can create a significant amount of damage. You may not notice this until you see your roof up close (again, let the pros take pictures to show you this damage). Can’t tell there’s damage from the ground 90% of the time. Check your downspout for granules. 

Hail impact looks like a bunch of small marks on the surface of the roof. Each one is caused by a strike to the surface. When that happens, it can often cause the shingles to bruise and scar, often falling off over time. Strong wind and rain can also cause shingles to be blown off or creased. Remember, each one of those areas develops a gap for moisture to get into the structure. 

#7: Interior Leaks

Perhaps one of the most common signs that you need a roof replacement (and the most important to notice) is leaks. Here’s the hard part about leaks. You may not see them easily. Many times, leaks develop in small areas. A small hole can allow a leak to develop in one area, and the water runs along the interior beams to a different area. As it does, it penetrates into your attic’s insulation and right down into the ceiling.

You may notice a leak, for example, in your kitchen that’s really due to a leak along a beam located in the room next door. That’s what makes it so important to have a professional take a look at your leaks.

What causes leaks? There are many potential causes for them.

  • A tree branch striking the surface of the roof
  • Shingles peeling away and exposing the underlayment on the surface of the roof
  • Pot marks on the roof from hail
  • Missing shingles
  • Curling shingles
  • Nail holes in shingles, especially if the nails are gone or no longer in place properly
  • Damage to flashing around chimneys or other areas

Because leaks are so problematic, it is critical that you do not ignore them and that you call a roofing company. A small leak can be patched and repaired well. Bigger leaks are more complex and can be very difficult to repair. When leaks are in numerous locations, replacing the roof tends to be the best solution. It creates a strong, new surface you don’t have to worry about again.

#8: Normal Wear and Tear

If you have an older roof, it’s wise to get it inspected. Perhaps it does not have a lot of evidence of damage to it, but it is over 15 years old. You’re worried about the conditions in the coming months or years. You may also want a roof that’s more energy-efficient.

Replacing your roof in these situations is an excellent preventative measure. Remember those older roof systems are not as energy-efficient as newer ones. Even better, new roofing systems can save you money because they allow less heat and cooling loss through the home throughout the year.

If your roof is older or has areas of normal wear and tear, it’s time to have a Charlotte roofing company come in to provide a thorough inspection. If possible, they may recommend a repair, especially if the roof is still in good condition.

Expert Roofing Services in Charlotte 

When it comes to Charlotte roofing solutions, reach out to our team at Vision Roofing. We are happy to come to your home and provide you with a comprehensive inspection of your roof. We can make recommendations for you such as whether simple repairs are enough or if you need a new roof system put in place. We will not recommend roof replacement unless it is the best overall solution for your home.

As a trusted roofing company, Charlotte property owners can trust Vision Roofing to provide superior results no matter what your needs are. Reach out to us today for an inspection or a quote for the roof replacement you need.

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