Roof Fascia Repair & Replacement

Vision Roofing installs fascia that can improve your home’s curb appeal. Whether you need full fascia replacement or a new installation, we can handle all areas of your home, including installing fascia for your rakes and eaves.

Fascia Board Installation in Charlotte

Roof fascia and roof replacement in Charlotte, NC.

Fascia can be damaged by a number of elements, including wind, hail, rain, snow and ice. In many cases, fascia also wears out and naturally needs to be replaced over time.

To improve your home, our team will match your fascia to the rest of your home’s exterior and the soffit you currently have. We’ll custom blend the fascia to fit your home, providing you with many different colors to choose from. Vision Roofing will bring fascia material to your home and bend it on site, shaping it into the correct profile for your home.

Vision Roofing will also work with any gutters you have attached to existing fascia and can help with gutter replacement and protection systems as well. For information or an inspection on the gutters and gutter guards on your fascia, see our Charlotte Gutter Services.

What to Expect from Our Fascia Services

Roof fascia contractors in Charlotte, NC.All our services are customized based on the project, but in general, you can expect:

  • A professional inspection and evaluation of your home’s needs. That may include a storm damage evaluation or simply an inspection of your home’s current condition.
  • A conversation with one of our experts to determine the best fascia material and color to match or accent your home’s existing look and feel. The fascia’s color will be custom blended to ensure you get the color you want.
  • A contractor will arrive at your home at a pre-scheduled time. They will bring professional equipment that will bend the fascia to fit your home’s exterior.

Most fascia installation services can be done in a day, so after your initial consultation we will work with you to find the most convenient time to install new fascia for your home. Our team will work around your schedule and leave your home better protected from the elements – and better looking – than when we arrived.

Soffit Installation

Soffit, the siding located on the underside of roof overhangs, is typically matched to your house siding, which is usually vinyl, wood, or aluminum. Proper soffit will improve venting in your home, keeping airflow that discourages mold and moisture buildup.

Vision Roofing will inspect, and replace damaged soffit. For new homes or home expansions, we will install soffit on Charlotte homes. Our soffit services ensure your eaves and overhangs are properly outfitted to protect your home’s interior and exterior.

How Much Does Fascia Cost?

The typical cost range for roof fascia replacement in Charlotte is $600 to $6000. The cost depends on the type of material selected as well as the complex conditions of the roof and structure. Homes with numerous rooflines and levels may require additional funds. Products such as Hardie Board and composite may cost more. For about 250 linear feet, the average for a moderately sized home, expect to pay around $3500 for basic materials.

It’s also important to consider materials. Recently, the cost of materials has risen between 5 and 10 percent due to a drop in manufacturing activity. That means the cost of fascia replacement may increase by that much for materials. Long delivery times are also a concern, sometimes impacting the availability of labor.

How Long Does Fascia Last?

Fascia (along with soffits) lasts for 20 or more years, depending on conditions and care. Regular inspection is recommended to spot problems early to extend the life of the fascia. If replacing the roof, it is a good idea to inspect the fascia then to determine if replacement is warranted. If so, it may be cost-effective to replace it at that point. However, it is not always necessary to replace fascia with every roof replacement.

Why Is Investing in New Fascia a Good Investment?

Investing in a new fascia is a wise decision because it protects the integrity of the roof and, as a result, the structure of the home. Fascia and soffit work to stop water from blowing into the home during a rainstorm. They also keep pests out – including birds and squirrels that may nest in the roof eaves otherwise. Also, when fascia has damage, it can cause gutters to sag, leading to damage and ineffective function of those systems. If the fascia has damage, it also exposes the roof’s wood frame, creating an increased risk for mold damage as moisture seeps in.

Fascia and soffit also add value to the home. They can hide ventilation systems, making for a more aesthetic view of the house.

Signs It Is Time to Replace the Fascia on Your Home

A professional inspection is the best way to know when it is necessary to replace the fascia. Some other signs include:

  • Evidence of rotting wood, especially if it falls apart when touched
  • Chipped sections or chipped paint (the pain works as a seal minimizing moisture exposure)
  • Evidence of mold, algae, or fungus growth (green, black, or other discolorations on the surface)
  • Bite marks or openings from rodents
  • Sections sagging in the center
  • Cracks in the structure
  • Missing or falling boards

The Benefits and Importance of Replacing Your Fascia

Routine inspection and replacement of damaged fascia is critical to minimizing structural damage to a roof or a home. When fascia has damage, such as it sagging or falling from the structure, it creates exposure risks including to pests, water, and storm damage.

Replacing the fascia minimizes the risk of damage to the roof itself. If the fascia is in poor condition, the wood underneath is exposed, allowing for moisture to build up, and in some cases, allow the ends of the rafters supporting the roof to rot. As that happens, the roof warps and suffers damage, leading to the need for a repair or replacement.

Replacement of the fascia offers clear benefits:

  • It keeps small animals and pests out.
  • It hides the ventilation for the attic space.
  • It protects the wood structure of the roof and home.
  • The home’s exterior has a smooth, well-maintained look.
  • It minimizes moisture exposure for the whole home.

Contact our Charlotte roof fascia contractors for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Charlotte Fascia FAQs

What is the average cost for roof fascia?

The average cost for roof fascia services in Charlotte ranges from $600 to $6,000 with more expensive materials costing more. Homes with multiple levels or rooflines may cost more than this. Full replacement of fascia is not always necessary – some homes just need a few areas replaced. This can lower costs.

How often should you replace fascia?

Plan to replace it at least every 20 years. However, if the area is exposed to direct moisture or trees, this can increase the risk of early damage and failure. If there is structural damage to the fascia, replace it right away.

How do you know when to replace fascia?

Look for signs of damage to the fascia such as holes or bite marks from rodents, sagging pieces of wood, moisture buildup, signs of algae, mold or fungus growth, rot or obvious structural damage. These types of problems should not be painted over but replaced fully to maximize protection to the home.

What’s the purpose of fascia?

Fascia’s primary purpose is to close up the attic space from the exterior elements. It also creates a place for gutters to hang from the home. The gutters are necessary to catch rain and move it away from the home. Fascia also creates a solid surface to prevent moisture from moving into the wood of the roof. In addition it helps to hide the soffit that holds attic vents, creating proper ventilation for the attic space in the home.
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