Charlotte House Siding Installation & Repair

Vision Roofing installs house siding in the greater Charlotte area. We specialize in materials and craftsmanship that enhance the look of each individual home while protecting it from the variable North Carolina weather.

House Siding Installation in Charlotte, NC

House with Vinyl siding: Vision Roofing is a house siding repair contractor in Charlotte, NC.Siding is one of the first things people notice about your home. It also protects the structure from the elements, including reducing damage from wind, rain, and hail. Our house siding installation team handles sections of your home to replace damaged siding so it fits seamlessly onto your home.

After large weather events, such as strong winds or hail storms a storm damage evaluations can be done to assess damage to siding. If you’re concerned about your house siding after a storm, get in touch with us. Our expert siding contractors in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas will get your home back into top shape.

Siding Installation

Whether your home has old siding or you simply want to update your home’s look and feel, Vision Roofing can work with you to find and install the best type of house siding for your needs. We can handle new siding installation in Charlotte, NC for your entire house, or just for isolated sections.

We install siding for new build construction as well as established homes that are adding on or need an upgrade. For every siding project, our team will ensure your new house siding uses high-quality material that’s installed correctly, so it can protect your home from the elements along with providing the look and feel you want.

Types of House Siding

Wood Siding

wood siding for a house in Charlotte

Wood is a great aesthetic addition to your house that can help protect your home from weather. Classic wood siding is available along with custom colors and styles to fit your home. Our team will provide wood siding installation for new build and established homes.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding for homes in Charlotte

One of the most versatile options, vinyl siding is cost effective and durable. It can have the same look and feel as other types of housing materials like wood siding, but at a lower cost.

Vinyl siding on Charlotte, NC homes is also designed to withstand the elements, resisting the moisture damage that commonly causes problems in our area. Vision Roofing provides vinyl siding installation in the Charlotte, NC area.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding for homes in Charlotte

Fiber cement siding is long-lasting, more durable than wood, and is resistant to both termites and water damage. It is available in a wide range of styles and can last up to 50 years. Vision Roofing provides fiber cement siding installation in Charlotte, NC.

Cost of New House Siding Replacement in Charlotte

The cost of new siding replacement depends on many factors. In every case, it is well worth the investment. Think of the siding as your home’s skin. It is the main line of defense against the elements. The biggest factor in cost is the type of material used. However, there are also costs related to the removal of the old siding, repairs to the underlayment and structure, and the disposal of the old siding. In addition, your costs also include labor.

Homeowners in Concord, Charlotte, Matthews and Mooresville NC and Fort Mill, SC can expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 for new vinyl siding. This includes both materials and labor costs.

Fiber cement siding is a very popular siding material and is a long lasting and durable option. It also has a very nice aesthetic as it looks much more like wood. There are also multiple profiles to choose from. You can also paint this siding which gives you the flexibility to change your home’s color at any time for a fraction of the cost of replacing the siding. It tends to cost around $30,000 to $40,000 for the same average house as the vinyl.

When you request a quote for siding, Vision Roofing can provide you with a range of materials to determine which is best suited for your needs. You’ll know exactly what to expect in costs.

How Long Does House Siding Last?

Siding is an investment you do not have to make often – that’s why it is so important to get it right. High-quality siding can last between 20 and 30 years, sometimes longer. If you install fiber cement siding or engineered wood, it can last as long or longer, but this is dependent on how well it is cared for overtime.

Siding is a good investment in your home overall. It provides you with an exceptional level of protection from moisture, wind and outdoor temperatures and adds value to your home. Professionally installed siding tends to be worth the investment.

When Is It Time to Replace Your House Siding?

If your siding is more than 20 years old, has damage to it, or is no longer attractive, it may be beneficial to you to update it to a newer, higher-quality product.

Specific signs of siding damage include rotted boards, peeling, cracking, large gaps, holes or fading, which is commonly caused by the weather. These are possible indicators that new siding is necessary.

You may decide it’s time to replace your siding if it is no longer the style that you desire. In these cases, updating your siding can be a valuable investment. If there is any structural damage to the siding, replacing it helps to minimize damage to the home.

What Are the Benefits of Replacing Your House Siding?

There are numerous reasons why you should replace your siding.

New siding can help improve the energy efficiency of your home by blocking off air leaks; this can help to reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs year after year.

It greatly improves the appearance of your home. You can choose various material types, textures, and paint colors, all of which contribute to the way your siding looks. New siding can increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home.

New siding ensures the longevity of your home and helps protect against the deteriorating factors of the elements. When you lock out moisture and wind, you protect the structure and foundation of your home from damage.

House Siding Contractors in Charlotte, NC

Vision Roofing has 10+ years of experience caring for home exteriors in Charlotte. Our professional team understands the challenges associated with heavy rain and thunderstorms, as well as the temperature changes common to North Carolina.

We’ll help you find the best siding for your home, providing professional siding installation services. In addition to serving the Charlotte area, we also serve nearby cities with siding contractors in Lincolnton, NC and other areas.

Contact us for details, or to schedule a free inspection.

Charlotte Siding Replacement FAQs

What is the average cost to replace your house siding?

The average cost to replace siding on a home ranges from $10,000 up to $20,000, depending on the size of the home, type of siding, and location. The cost can also be affected if you have to paint the siding after it's installed or if the siding itself comes with a color finish. The complexity and access to the elevations of your home can contribute to the overall cost as well. These are all factors to take into account when considering siding replacement.

How do I know when my siding needs to be replaced?

You may need to replace your siding when there are obvious signs of damage, such as broken or rotted boards, missing siding pieces, dents, or holes in the siding. If there are gaps located under the siding or the pieces are pulling away from each other, this also indicates you may need to replace the siding. You may also need to replace siding if it is swollen or buckling from water damage, there are obvious signs of mold or mildew buildup under the siding, or there are holes that allow air to get into the home.

Does new siding increase home value?

The investment in new siding can increase the value of a home. Siding adds value to a home for numerous reasons, including that it is one of the best ways to reduce overall energy costs and improve home comfort. It also adds to the home’s curb appeal. Siding protects the home’s structure and foundation from water damage, locks out moisture overall, and minimizes air leaks, all of which add value to the home.

Can you put new siding over old siding?

Yes, you can put new siding over old siding in some cases, as long as it is done properly. The existing siding needs to be in good condition and flat, without any warping or damage to it, to ensure the new siding will properly attach to it. This is critical to ensure there are no gaps where moisture or air can penetrate into the siding. This process is called re-siding and while it is possible in some cases it is not typically recommended. It can be one of the ways to reduce the costs of siding because there are lower labor costs for removing the siding and less waste material. Every situation should be considered carefully.
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