Gutter Replacement & Installation

Vision Roofing provides professional gutter services that help protect your home from water damage and reduce your maintenance and cleaning burden. We’ll inspect your home, identify damage and opportunities, and install new gutters and gutter guards to meet your needs.

Charlotte Gutter Installation

Poor gutter installation can result in leaks or improper drainage that exposes your home’s foundation and exterior to water damage. At Vision Roofing, our gutter installation professionals will evaluate your home, the land it’s situated on, and the best drainage situation before installing your gutters to ensure they’re as effective as possible.

We then install rain gutters that collect water and funneled away from your home. Our craftsmen use commercial-grade construction equipment, including durable gutters and hooks that blend in with your home, enhancing its aesthetic.

After installation, we can also provide gutter guards that act as a protection system, keeping debris out of your gutters and ensuring that water is effectively directed away from your home. Since gutter guards keep your gutters free of debris, they also reduce the frequency at which you need to clean out your gutters, saving you time on maintenance.

Seamless Gutters and Gutter Guards

Vision Roofing installs gutters in the Charlotte area.Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are created as a single piece that’s fitted to your home. In most cases, seamless gutters in Charlotte are made at your property with professional equipment that rolls the material and forms it into a gutter that’s uniquely fitted to your home. Seamless gutters are installed immediately after they’re made, reducing the disruption to your schedule.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards reduce maintenance and cleaning.Gutter guards are pieces of material that attach to your gutters and prevent unwanted materials from getting inside and restricting water flow. Gutter guards help make your gutters more efficient while reducing your maintenance tasks, so you need to clean your gutters less frequently.

The most common material that builds up in gutters and is controlled by gutter guards includes leaves, sticks, and trash, all of which can stop water from flowing smoothly through your gutters and away from your house. It can even cause gutters to overflow, with water building up and potentially damaging your home. Without gutter guards, you need to regularly clean your gutters, removing any built-up materials to ensure your gutters function properly.

Vision Roofing installs gutter guards around residential properties, evaluating and reducing any gaps so the guards let in water, but not debris. With proper gutter guard installation, your gutters will function more effectively and you’ll have less maintenance and cleaning to do.

Professional Gutter Evaluation

Not sure if you need seamless gutters or sectional gutters? On the fence about gutter guards? Our professionals will inspect your home to determine the best options for you. We’ll evaluate the gutters you have now and make recommendations on how you can best repair them, install new gutters, or leverage gutter guards to keep water away from your home – without the usual maintenance.

Gutter Installation Costs in Charlotte

Charlotte homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $1,600 to $4,000 for gutter installation on a typical home. Costs can range outside of this depending on gutter and downspouts size, material choice, and whether or not you decide to install gutter guards or not.

Seamless aluminum gutters are the most efficient and cost-effective choice. Cost is typically between $6 and $12 per linear foot. This type of gutter can be an exceptional option for those who want a functional and reliable gutter system and who also want to ensure the gutters look great. Seamless gutters can also be very affordable overall.

When choosing gutters, the type of material plays the biggest role in the costs you will pay. Aluminum gutters, one of the most affordable options, costs as little as $6 per linear foot. Another option is copper gutters. These are more often an aesthetic choice and are usually the most expensive.

Other factors play a role in the cost of gutters. Do you want to have gutter guards installed as well? What size are your gutters and downspouts?

How Long Do Gutters Last?

Once in place, gutters can last 20 or more years. The length of time they last depend on numerous factors.

The key to reaching that long-life depends on maintenance. This includes ensuring the gutters remain free-flowing. A properly installed gutter guard, selected specifically to the type of trees around your home, can significantly help prolong the life of your gutter. If there is damage from wind or storms, repairs are necessary to ensure the gutters remain attached and supported by the home. If sagging areas develop, they need to be repaired properly and quickly to promote the overall flow and function of the gutters.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Gutters?

It’s time to replace your rain gutters when they are no longer efficiently moving water from the rooftop away from the home. When that happens your Charlotte house siding and foundation are at risk of damage. Replace gutters if they have holes, begin to sag in places, or if they are no longer secured properly against the home.

Gutter replacement may also be necessary when they are unsightly or damaged due to rusting or poor care. It may be worth replacing the gutters even if they work if they are no longer adding aesthetic value to the home.

You can always schedule an inspection with a gutter installation team like ours to provide an overall assessment. We can help you determine if your gutters need to be replaced.

The Benefits and Importance of Replacing Your Gutters

For gutter installation in Charlotte, property owners may already realize the benefits. New gutters protect your home from water damage, first and foremost. Gutters prevent water from running down your home siding and into your foundation, where it can lead to erosion of the soil. It prevents wet spots on the ground that could cause people to slip and fall.

Gutters also increase your home’s curb appeal and drive up the value of your home. When replacing your gutters there are many color options to choose from. Chances are your new gutters will have a more modern look that will better blend in with the style of your home. They are also more efficient and will require less maintenance over time.

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Charlotte, NC Gutter Services

Vision Roofing is dedicated to the greater Charlotte area. We provide specialty gutter services that accommodate the amount of rain we regularly receive in North Carolina, as well as seasonal changes and the challenges of our dense tree canopy.

Contact us to learn more about our gutter installation services or schedule an appointment.

Charlotte Gutter Installation FAQs

What is the average cost to replace your gutters?

The cost of gutter replacement ranges from $6 to $12 per linear foot of gutter installed. The cost breaks down based on the type of material used, the labor costs in the area, as well as the size of gutter you choose. High-end copper materials cost significantly higher than the use of traditional aluminum gutters. Most often, the cost of gutter replacement ranges from $1600 up to $4000. Gutter guards also add to the costs.

How often should you replace gutters?

Gutters can last 10 to 20 years or longer when well maintained. You should not have to replace gutters more often than this as long as they are inspected and cared for at least a couple times a year. Some materials may last longer, such as copper.

How do you know when to replace gutters?

Replacement of gutters becomes critical when there is damage to them that makes them no longer functional. This includes leaks in the gutters, sagging areas, and damaged or missing downspouts. When gutters do not work properly, they allow water to flow down the siding and seep into the foundation of the home. This can cause rot to siding and structural framing as well as damage to the foundation.

Are gutter guards worth it?

Gutter guards are worth the investment when they are properly selected and properly installed because they help keep your gutters clear of debris and functioning efficiently. This will prolong the life of your gutters and protect against other home maintenance issues. Gutter guard products purchased in stores may be helpful but tend to be less ideal than professionally selected and installed gutter guards.
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