Storm Damage Assessment & Repair

Charlotte’s storms often damage roofs, commercial roofs, gutters, windows, fascia board, and house siding, which puts home interiors at risk of weather and water damage.

Vision Roofing helps your home recover from severe weather including, but not limited to: Hail Storms, Severe Thunderstorms, Tornadoes and Hurricanes. We provide professional and expert storm damage assessments for all areas of your home’s exterior.

Every storm damage assessment from Vision Roofing is done by a licensed professional with experience in the insurance industry, so you get context around not just the damage, but what will likely be covered as well.

Charlotte Storm Damage Insurance Information

Knowing what storm damage will be covered by your insurance company and what won’t is difficult. There are no guarantees, but you’ll be better prepared with an inspection done by a former insurance adjuster.

Unlike other Charlotte roofing companies that partner with insurance companies, our storm damage team has experience behind the scenes. Our storm damage evaluation is done by a former insurance adjuster, making us better equipped to advise you on what insurance is likely to cover. We will:

  • Identify storm damage and repair needs.
  • Explain how insurance companies approach coverage and claims.
  • Help you understand how insurance companies determine what you’re owed.
  • Advise you on the insurance process and ways to make it go smoothly.
  • Ensure you are getting all the coverage you are afforded in your policy.
  • Provide storm damage services, such as roof replacement, as needed.

Storm Damage to Roofs

Professional storm damage assessments in Charlotte.

Roofs are most commonly damaged in storms when there’s strong wind, hail, or debris such as falling trees that impact the roof. Roofs can also be damaged when water gets beneath shingles, which is more common in older roofs and homes with prior roof damage.

Vision Roofing evaluates rooftop storm damage and provides repair recommendations. Our Charlotte roof replacement services will fix any problems we identify and help prevent future damage.

Storm Damage to Gutters

Severe storms can damage gutters.

Gutters can be damaged or knocked loose by hail as well as strong wind and falling debris, causing water to collect near your home’s foundation. Debris such as leaves, branches, and garbage can also collect in gutters during storms, blocking the flow of water.

We evaluate storm damage to gutters and provide gutter replacement and installation in Charlotte to keep your gutters functioning properly. During our evaluation, we’ll assess the condition of your gutters and identify problem areas, such as places where gutters are sagging or have become detached from your home. Since these issues can be overlooked by insurance adjusters, we’ll help you ensure all relevant damage is included in your homeowner’s claim.

Storm Damage to House Siding

Rain and storms can damage house siding.Like roofs and gutters, strong winds and debris from storms can damage house siding. Not only does damaged siding reduce the curb appeal and value of your home, it can open your home up to additional weather damage as well as pests that enter through new holes or crevices.

Vision Roofing will quickly and accurately evaluate your home’s entire exterior, inspecting siding for any damage caused by recent storms. Our house siding repair in Charlotte will help with storm restoration to ensure your home is properly equipped to handle future weather events.

Storm Damage Repair Costs in Charlotte, NC

After a damaging and heavy wind or hail storm, you may be faced with the uncertainty of repair costs to fix the roof or siding of your Charlotte home. The specific costs of roof repair, siding repair and gutter repair that Charlotte NC property owners face depend upon a few different factors. When facing storm damage repairs in Charlotte, you can always reach out to our Vision Roofing professionals to evaluate the scope of storm damage and estimated repair costs.

What To Know About Roof Repair Costs from Storm Damage in Charlotte, NC

The cost of storm damage roof repairs, as well as hail damage roof repairs, will greatly depend on the severity of the damages at your Charlotte residence. Minor roof repairs in Charlotte, such as replacing lost shingles in a small area, can range from $400 to $600. Moderate roof repairs, such as replacing damage to plywood roof sheathing, can range from $600 to $1,500. Major roof repairs, such as repairing sections of the roof or repairing damage to the structure, can range from $1,500 to $3,000 and higher.

The amount, type, and availability of materials needed for roof repairs from storm damage will impact cost, as will the costs of labor and complexity of the overall repair. In some cases, the storm and wind damage may be so significant that it may require the replacement of the roof itself. When that happens, the costs will depend on things like the type of roofing materials, the size of your property and the unique construction of your house including the location of your home.

Affordable Charlotte Storm Damage Siding Repair Service

Storm damage, including hurricane damage in Charlotte, can cause significant siding damage, whether it’s a result of wind, a falling tree or hail damage. The average cost of minor vinyl siding repairs in Charlotte is about $600, which anticipates traditional vinyl siding that has been damaged in a small area. More extensive storm damage or hail damage to siding will have higher repair costs. Again, the cost of siding repairs will range based on the extent of damage, type of materials, and the size of your home in Charlotte.

Repair Costs for Gutter Repair and Replacement from Wind Damage

During a major storm or hurricane in Charlotte, wind damage can wreak havoc on your gutters. The average cost of a Charlotte gutter repair is about $400. However, the price varies depending on the repair work needed and how much new material is needed to complete the repairs. Gutter replacement can cost anywhere between $1,600 to $10,000 depending on the linear footage of the gutters needed, the size of the gutter, and whether or not you plan to install gutter guards.

Charlotte Storm Damage Evaluations

Our storm damage assessments cover the entire exterior of your home, identifying storm damage to your roof, gutters, siding, and fascia board. With 10+ years of experience in caring for home exteriors in Charlotte, NC, and additional experience as insurance adjusters, our team knows storm damage, even if the signs aren’t obvious. A thorough evaluation will ensure your home is safe and provide the information you need for insurance claims.

Charlotte Storm & Wind Damage Restoration FAQs

What kind of roof damage is covered by insurance?

Homeowners’ policies typically cover accidental, direct physical loss to a covered structure based on a specific cause of loss, such as hail damage or wind damage. Usually, coverage extends to losses that occur on a specific date. However, insurance does not typically cover rot, deterioration or losses that happen over an extended period of time. It’s important to review your policy for specific details or contact us to help you understand the policy and answer any questions you may have.

Does insurance cover siding damage?

If the siding of your home in Charlotte has been damaged by a storm due to hail or wind, most insurance policies will cover the cost to replace the sections of siding that was damaged. In many situations, homeowners insurance covers siding damage that’s related to storms or other unavoidable accidents. If the siding damage is due to high winds that have blown siding loose, repairing that will likely be covered. But if siding damage is a result of poor maintenance, then your home insurance may not cover it.

What kind of storm damage does insurance cover?

Typically, homeowners insurance will help cover the cost of storm damage, including damage from water, ice, lightning strikes, power surges, wind, hail and fallen trees. This can include storm damage to your roof, siding, or interior of your Charlotte home. However, flood and surface water damage is typically not covered by a standard policy, so it’s important to check the details of your policy.

How soon can storm and wind damage repairs be made by a professional?

There are many factors that influence how soon storm and wind damage repairs can be made in Charlotte. After a storm, the first step is to contact a Charlotte roofing company to identify the extent of storm damage (you don’t want to jump to filing a claim if you don’t need to). They will identify the extent of damages to help you determine if filing a claim is warranted. If it is, filing a claim with your insurance provider will start the process to get your home repaired. At Vision Roofing, our team of professionals works closely with your assigned claims adjuster to expedite the inspection, estimating, repair, and settlement process. At any one of these stages you could experience delays if there is not proper vision and communication. Knowing the next steps helps to streamline the whole process. If you live in the Charlotte NC area and you are in need of roof repairs or siding repairs, please call us – the sooner we learn about the repairs you need, the sooner we can help you get those fixed.
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