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Charlotte Roof Damage Assessments

When you own a residential or commercial property, the roof is a significant feature that determines the level of protection you have on the building year-round. Maintaining the roof’s structure requires periodic roof damage assessments to determine where roof replacements or repairs are needed. 

Below, we discuss what to expect with roof damage assessments and why they should be scheduled at least once a year with a professional roofer in Charlotte.

What is a Roof Damage Assessment?

As the name implies, roof damage assessments are performed by certified roofers to assess damage to your roof. 

Once the assessment is complete, the information can be used by

  • Insurance companies to calculate the estimated cost for repairs if you are filing a claim 
  • By homeowners looking to maintain their home’s integrity

Typically roof damage assessments are conducted after a major storm. But, some homeowner’s insurance companies require inspections to ensure the roofing materials remain in good condition and don’t suffer from premature wear-and-tear over time.

How Much do Roof Damage Assessments Cost?

While pricing can vary, most roofing companies (including Vision Roofing) perform roof damage assessments at no cost. 

Roof Damage Assessment Process

A certified roofer can properly assess roof damage by looking at all aspects of your roof, including the flashing, shingles, nails, gutters, and attic. They will likely take photos and provide a detailed estimate of what kinds of repairs are needed and how much it will cost. 

If your roof has been damaged, a licensed roofer can replace the missing materials with roofing cement and secure new shingles so your roof can adequately protect your home from the elements. 


  • Flashing is present  around the chimney, skylight, and vents on the roof. 
  • The flashing may be in poor shape if it’s lifted or is showing signs of rust. 
  • If any damage is present, it’ll require replacing the materials to prevent moisture from leaking into the building.


  • Shingles should be inspected if they are loose, curled, or damaged. 
  • If some of the shingles are starting to fall apart, it’ll cause the roof deck to become exposed, which can quickly lead to leaks. 
  • Blistering or bubbling also indicate there is a potential issue with the lifespan of the shingles and they need to be replaced.


  • Nails that are popping out of the roof or are missing should be inspected immediately to prevent shingles or roofing materials from coming loose. 
  • This could expose the roof deck and result in roof leaks.


  • Gutters are another important part of any roof assessment to ensure excess water and moisture properly drains off of the building in the middle of a storm. 
  • The gutters should be cleaned out to prevent water from backing up onto the roof, which can start to cause damage to the materials. 
  • The gutters should be free of any debris before the fall or winter seasons to reduce the risk of leaks that can form in harsh weather conditions.


  • You can also access the attic to look for any leaks that have formed near the boards. 
  • Check for water stains or signs of moisture, which indicates repairs are needed. 
  • A professional roofer can seal the cracks or holes that have formed.

When to Assess Roof Damage

In general, annual assessments should be performed on your roof to determine if any issues have developed. This way, you can spot issues early and fix them before they cause more expensive issues. 

You may consider semi-annual inspections if your home is susceptible to wind, hail, storms, standing water, or debris.

After a Major Storm

It’s also necessary to assess roof damage after a major storm has occurred, which can cause the asphalt shingles or tiles to come loose and fall off the roof deck.

If Water Stains Appear

If you notice any water stains that are present on the ceiling, it also indicates leaks have likely formed, making it necessary to hire a professional to perform a thorough inspection.

Before Buying a Home

Accessing roof damage is also necessary if you’re considering purchasing a property. The roofer can tell you if the roofing structure is in good condition or if it needs to be replaced in the coming years, which can affect the value of the home. 

The results of the roof assessment can provide you with more negotiating power when you’re working with the seller.

If You Have an Older Home

If you own an older home that is starting to fall apart, it may be necessary to perform an assessment of the roofing materials every six months. This will reduce the risk of significant damage that can occur on the property and can also provide you with a time frame on when to install a new structure.

Next Steps

Need a roof damage inspection? Contact Vision Roofing to schedule an appointment. 

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